“If you have done it unto the least of these, you have done unto Me.”


These were the words Jesus spoke to his Disciples in encouraging them to acts of charitable service. Volunteers and paid staff of SEMSAR strive to lead lives that exemplify the ideals of Christianity. The recorded miracles of Christ were numerous, and testified to the healing of the sick, the restoring of sight to the blind, and the feeding of multitudes. Just as important, there is no record of Jesus ever causing sickness, making someone blind, or withholding food from the starving. We at SEMSAR believe that service to our fellow man is service to Christ. We gladly accept the most grueling and difficult of assignments to this end. We are available for short or long-term missions to the indigent; at home and abroad, community service, disaster relief, and of course, search and rescue of the lost.

We are committed to providing professional rescue services and emergency medical care to those we are called upon to serve. To this end, we are pledged to do so under the most diverse and extreme of circumstances, with total regard for the sanctity of human life and the highest ideals of Christian service.

To actively extend the ministry of Jesus Christ through acts of charitable service and human kindness, using our professional disciplines to meet every need and challenge.

To build an environment that promotes individual spiritual growth, as well as education and personal development.
To provide compassionate and professional response to all calls for help and assistance.
To build an organization which steadfastly holds to the principles of Christianity, in the course of embracing growth, change, and innovation.
To strive for excellence in everything we attempt to do or be.
To help those that are unable to help themselves.
To participate with and provide leadership for the emergency services.

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