Church and Ministerial Security

SEMSAR is an organization run by Christians, for Christians.  We understand the particular security needs for places of worship, because we spend a great deal of our time in church ourselves.

Christians are prime targets for the criminally minded.  We are perceived by the world to be trusting and compassionate, and as such, an easy mark for the con man, the professional thief, and the hardened criminal wanting to make a few easy dollars.

Recent news stories have included the tale of a pastor murdered in his own home, because of the “perception” he had money in the house.  Other pastors have had their houses burglarized and their possessions stolen, because some thief saw “Rev.” listed in the phone book, and figured that he would find a house unlocked and unguarded.  Unfortunately, he is generally correct in this assumption.  Churches have been burglarized for sound equipment, video equipment, and computers, with losses in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Churches are what criminals call “soft targets.”  The chance of being caught in the act is slim, as most churches are closed throughout the week, and it may be days before a break-in is discovered.  Christians are also notorious for pleading for leniency if a thief is caught, believing that a display of mercy will turn the turn the person to the straight and narrow.  Many thieves are more than willing to undergo a “jailhouse salvation” for the chance of having charges dropped.

The professionals at SEMSAR know the criminal mind, and how to “harden” your home or your church facility to protect your assets and your loved ones.  Our staff can train yours to spot the con man, secure your facility, and protect your reputation.  

Is your facility secure?  Does every member have a key?  Are criminal background checks performed on church employees?  Do any workers in the Church nursery have criminal backgrounds for sexual deviancy?  Who has access to the Church membership database?  Are records kept secure?  How are collections and offerings handled?  Are the Church deacons or elders trained to handle disruptive visitors?  Do the nursery workers know what to do if a non-custodial parent walks away with a child?

SEMSAR will conduct a professional vulnerability assessment for your ministry, train your staff to be security conscious, and provide you with the peace of mind to pursue the business of ministry. 

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