Law Enforcement & Security 

We live in a dangerous world.  We are surrounded by crime and violence, and every news story tells the tale of yet another robbery, yet another carjacking, yet another assault, rape, or murder.  In the most free society on earth, parents can no longer let their children play unattended, a woman cannot jog alone in the park, and doors cannot be left unlocked.  There is always a criminal element just around the corner, ready to take advantage of the trusting and the unsuspecting.

The answer to society’s ills is not social reform.  It is not stricter gun laws.  It is definitely not “three strikes and you’re out” criminal justice.  The answer is protection.  

SEMSAR provides top-notch security forces, consultation, investigations, and training.  Our agents consist of qualified security and law enforcement officers and trainers.  Men and women who have served their time in the streets, faced down hardened criminals, and have restored order in violent and dangerous situations.  They are veterans of the military, the police, or the security industry, with the life experience and know-how to get the job done.

The men and women of our service do not just model the concepts of ethics and integrity; they live it.  When you hire a SEMSAR team to protect your property, your business, your family, or your religious institution, you are getting professional people who will treat your needs as their own, and in our minds, “failure is not an option.”

Whatever your security needs are, SEMSAR has the necessary staff to provide it, or the network to locate it.  We can provide armed and unarmed private security officers, armed protective escorts, private investigations, and physical and internal security options.  We also specialize in providing training to standing security companies, with courses in use of force, defensive tactics, security procedures, and dignitary protection.  Please see our “Security Courses” page for detailed information on training curriculums.

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