Search and Rescue is the "bottom line" ministry of SEMSAR.  The basic tenet of our organization is to "Seek and Save the Lost."   This tenet applies to those that are physically lost or missing, as well as those who have not been introduced to the person of Jesus Christ, and are "spiritually" lost.

All SEMSAR members are trained in the basic aspects of search and rescue (SAR, for short), and are capable of functioning in search operations.  Several members of SEMSAR have advanced technical rescue certifications or medical specialties, which contribute greatly to providing full-service SAR.  Additionally, the several law enforcement officers attached to SEMSAR enable our organization to assist with investigations, and augment police agencies with professional capability.

Many SAR teams specialize only in a particular area or locale, such as mountaineering, or white-water rescue.  SEMSAR goes a step beyond, and offers assistance in urban search and rescue as well.  In the event that a child is reported missing, a kidnapping is confirmed, or an elderly or disabled person wanders away from home, a SEMSAR team can be mobilized to search an area and assist local law enforcement with investigative expertise.

In the event of a child abduction, every second counts.  FBI statistics state that if the child is not located within two hours, they will most likely not be found.  In a small town of 5000, with only one or two police officers on duty, the task of properly expediting an investigation is not only overwhelming, it is practicallly impossible.

A call to SEMSAR will get trained investigators on the scene who will then coordinate with local law enforcement, and track down every available fact as fast as possible.  Our assistance frees up the police to begin working the strongest leads, and increases the odds of a child being restored to their family.   

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