SEMSAR is proud to be able to offer several courses in the security field. Our instructors have wide and varied backgrounds in Military, Law Enforcement, and Private and Industrial Security. One important difference between SEMSAR and other agencies that offer similar training, is the SEMSAR focus on ethics. Graduates of our courses are inundated with the concepts of loyalty, honesty, and faithfulness. Graduates of our courses receive specially numbered certificates of training, which can and will be revoked upon learning of any use of our training for dishonest or criminal gain. 

Basic Security and Asset Protection

40-hour course teaching the ground basics of security operations and personal defense. Course topics include self-defense, grappling, weapon retention, basic baton techniques, use of force, basic shotgun, pepper spray, arrest procedure, and compound/facility security.

Advanced Security and Asset Protection

40-hour course improves on topics learned in the basic class. Course topics include basic investigations and interviewing techniques, advanced self-defense and control applications, advanced baton, advanced shotgun, kidnapping prevention, crime prevention, bomb threat management, and dignitary protection. 

Small Unit Security Force

40-hour course focuses on teaching security personnel how to operate as a tactical team. Course topics include small unit tactics, individual and group movement, security management, weapons transitioning, target acquisition in the group environment, and team building concepts.

Security Force Hand-to Hand

40-hour down and dirty course in hand-to-hand combat. Security personnel learn to deal with knife and gun threats, handle multiple attackers, deal with angry and resistive persons, threat elimination, and effective methods for disabling attackers. Course is physically intensive in nature. Grappling, ground fighting, and control techniques are covered in depth, as well as medical aspects of disabling use of force.

Security Medical Response

40-hour course is a combination of basic and advanced first aid, self-aid, and medical response in a tactical environment. Course prepares security personnel to triage and evacuate wounded, respond to disaster and crisis situations, perform medical operations in combat situations, and identify and treat injuries ranging from blast and burn to snake and spider bite.



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