SEMSAR was founded on the basic idea of providing medical and security services to missionary teams. During Col. Jones's time at LeTourneau University, he learned that some of the most common hazards faced by missionaries in the field was lack of skilled medical care, and the inabilty of missionaries to protect themselves from theft, assault, and kidnapping.

Christian missionaries are viewed as "soft-targets" by thieves and terrorist organizations. They are seen as "having money" because they "choose" to live among the people they are serving, and these organizations know from past experience that American churches will take up collections to redeem kidnapped hostages.

The vision of SEMSAR was too provide missionary teams, such as those put in the field by "Youth With A Mission" with trained operators capable of treating the sick and injured, as well as defending against aggressive parties with nefarious intentions. In short, providing a missionary team with the same level of skilled care that military special forces teams get from military medics.

When you plan a missions trip to include a SEMSAR medic, you do not get someone who is "just along for the ride." You get a highly skilled expert in current emergency techniques, as well as an expert in improvised medicine and personal security. Our operators "get involved" with the mission, and will treat the locals as well as the team members, helping to further the efforts of spreading the Gospel through humanitarian service. We take into account the personal health of each team member, and insure that any known medical conditions have what is necessary. Many missions trips have been cut short, due to basic medical care being unavailble, requiring the entire team to stand-down to treat one minor injury.

Just as important as medical care, our ministry will perform a "threat assessment" on the area your team plans to enter, identifying known hostile agencies, and provide you with a preparedness plan for dealing with them should they be encountered. We also manage the security details of entering foreign countries, and provide "internal security" for your trip, keeping your personal information safe from exploitation by thieves. Far too often will an eager young missionary share all the details of his mission with a nice fellow traveler, only to meet that same traveler at gunpoint miles down the road and be divested of all the "supplies" he was bringing to a local church.

Jesus called His church to do missions. He did not tell us to throw common sense out the window while doing them. Most Christians live Godly, humble lives, and as a result are very naive in the ways of the world. Our operators are not naive, and have worked in many environments and cultures where their lives have been on the line. Put our experience and professionalism to work for you, and include a SEMSAR operator on your next mission trip.  

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